Safe working practices around Covid-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Sitescapes have spent time reviewing our safety procedures, so that we can provide our employees, clients and suppliers with a method of safe working.

We will update our practices on our website in our news section. Here you will receive the latest information with regards to how we are working safely around Covid-19

We understand that our clients require additional resource to help catch-up with development schedules, but we also understand this must be done in a safe manner. We have recently invested in additional resource and machinery to complement our safety procedures, allowing us to support our clients demands.

Our team will be utilising additional PPE where necessary, operating social distancing and adhering to any required government or health legislations as they are released.

Our employees will only use their own designated tools and vehicles will be thoroughly cleaned with appropriate sanitisers every evening.

Return to work training has been provided and we have adapted our RAMS to reflect the additional safety measures that we have implemented.

I would like to thank all of the site teams of the many housebuilders that I have visited recently. They have all taken the safety of their employees and ours very seriously and I have been impressed with how well they have implemented these measures.

Stay safe all and we look forward to helping you deliver your developments professionaly and with a focus on safety at all times.

John Dalton – Managing Director

John Dalton Sitescapes